Inconsistent search results after Weaviate crash

Hi All,

After a server crash queries on some schemas of the instance always return no results. The logs show the recovery process went well for the schema

"level":"info","msg":"successfully recovered from write-ahead-log",

, and I can see the data through the API


and also it works fetching all the data with this Python code:

result = client.query.get(collection, ["title", "heading", "content"]).do())

However, any filter by distance, text or vector always return empty results. Same code works perfectly after recreating the schema (loading the data again), so it is not a problem in the code, it looks like the index is not properly restored after the crash.

Is there any way to do a health check of the schemas? or a way to reindex the data?

Using version 1.18.1 with docker on Azure.