Near Object Ignoring Consistency Request

Hi For the following request :

 {Get{Product(limit: 21 nearObject: {id: "7b07777c-a5b0-5ca6-bc77-8b7ff1a18adc"} consistencyLevel: ONE ){product_id title brand description}}}

I am getting the folloiwng response

  {'data': {'Get': {'Product': None}}, 'errors': [{'locations': [{'column': 6, 'line': 1}], 'message': 'explorer: get class: vectorize params: nearObject params: search index product: cannot achieve consistency level "QUORUM": read repair error', 'path': ['Get', 'Product']}]}

I am wondering why it is ignoring the consistencyLevel: ONE param being sent with the nearObject request?

Hi @Landon_Edwards

That’s an interesting finding.

So this only happens with nearObject, right?

Yes as far as I know.

@Landon_Edwards this looks like a bug :frowning:

Could you help us by creating an issue report?

I will escalated it with our team.