[Question] Search Operators for metadata

Can I use search operators like moveTo{force} for metadata like Date of creation?

Problem: Lets say I have a set of articles about wine. They all have date of creation as metadata. And I want to prioritise newer articles (I don’t want to filter old articles).

If I cant use search operators with metadata maybe I can add date of creation directly into embeddings. Will that work?


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AFAIK, this is not possible, as the moveTo/moveAwayFrom can only be used towards a concept, or object.

I don’t know about this avenue of adding the date to the vector, and maybe moving away from a concept of a date :thinking:

This is probably not effect, as other meanings will play on that concept of the vector query.

One thing you could do is to reorder your results based on this date property ?

Let me know if this helps!