Searching for "closest that includes this tag"?

Elements in my Weaviate schema include a vector of integer tags as one of their properties. I’d like to be able to filter my search to only those elements that include some particular tag, but it looks like Weaviate doesn’t support the “In” GraphQL operator. Are there plans to support that? Or any suggested work-arounds?


Is this the feature you’re looking for?

Related to this, please also see this naming discussion here.

I believe that’s exactly it! The issue seems to give this example (moving to ‘Contains’, which seems to be the popular naming choice):

{path: objId, operator: Contains, arrayValues: [‘x’, ‘y’, ‘z’]}

where objId is presumably a single value and the goal is to return elements where it is one of ‘x’, ‘y’, or ‘z’. I understand from the discussion that input coercion would also allow the reverse, which is what I’m looking for – for example, tag_ids with dataType=int and:

{path: [“tag_ids”], operator: Contains, int: 12}

to return only elements that include 12 in that array property (for example, an element with tag_ids=[10, 12, 14])?

This may have changed since the last time I tried, but both “Like” and “Equal” seem to work:

operator: And,
          operands: [{
              path: ["groups"],
              operator: Like,
              valueString: "School Board"
            }, {
              path: ["groups"],
              operator: Equal,

Where “groups” is a text[] array (previously string[]).

I think this worked with a valueInt array and “Equal” operator. Thanks!