Sorting not working for hybrid search

I am using the below code to get list of data sorted by rate in descending order. However when I print the data object I don’t see them getting sorted. Rate is a number field in my schema. Am I doing anything wrong here? I need this hybrid search to work with filter and sorting.

where_filter = {
    "path": ["check"],
    "operator": "Equal",
    "valueString": "true"

sort = {
      "order": "desc",
      "path": ["rate"]

query = "Performance most similar to " + prompt_arg
response = (
    .get("Performance", ["id", "rate"])
data = json.loads(json.dumps(response))

Hi @Sriparna - the sorting should override the natural order.

If you just try the sorting by itself (without hybrid), does it work?

Yes it works when I don’t use hybrid search. But I will need this sorting with hybrid search actually. Is sorting not supported for hybrid search? In that case , is there a way to sort the results returned from hybrid search in any way?

Hi @Sriparna, thanks for bringing this up.

Currently sorting is not supported for hybrid or bm25. We’re adding a message to clarify that.