Autoscaling shards

hello, I was wondering if weaviate supports autoscaling queries (i.e automatically adding replicas on shards that endure high utilization)? Moreover, does weaviate support sharding on a specific key? I noticed that weaviate automatically assigns an object’s uuid as the shard key but what if we wanted to optimize query time by sharding on a key we actually query on (i.e a user id) instead? Does weaviate have something similar to a routing value


You can accomplish this, at some extent, using Multi tenancy… maybe?

With that your tenant data will be stored on a specific sharding context. Of course there is more to it like that routing feature, but that is the closest I see on sharding on a specific key.

AFAIK, you cannot change the name of the shards. :frowning:

We have this popular GH Issue Dynamic Scaling: Move shards around nodes, drain node, etc. · Issue #2228 · weaviate/weaviate · GitHub
that we are working towards that will help on this kind of features.

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile: