Boost recent documents


I’m currently using hybrid search which seems to work well but for my use case, I need to give documents which a more recent date a bit of a push.

I could implement this after retrieving the results but this feels hacky.

Is there maybe a way to use reranking for this? I have a date field but I’m not sure how I’d formulate a query that just boosts recent docs, not filter.

Thanks for weaviate, so far it’s awesome!

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Hi, I’m not aware of a direct method that would do this unfortunately.

A janky method would be to concatenate a date dimension to your vector but that will probably get challenging to tune not to mention maintain. You might be also able to group results by age, if you have a coarse age column (like by month, or year).

What do you think @CShorten - any ideas?

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Thanks for the tag @jphwang, love this topic! I think adding a Boost filter would be very similar in logic to our rerankers – definitely a nice stepping stone for symbolic rerankers (e.g. XGBoost models that take like product color, brand, so on…).

I will circle back here later this evening, hopefully with a GitHub issue to point you both towards haha – then we could rally the interest from there.

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I asked for a similar “decay scoring”: [FR] Sort on near* for E-Commerce · Issue #3276 · weaviate/weaviate · GitHub