Can I rerank on a cross-reference property?

I’d like to rerank my results on a cross-referenced property, does weaviate support this?

Hi @mjsteele !

That’s a great question that I do not have an answer for now :laughing:

I have tried it here, and have asked internally about this.

I’ll get back to you when I get something.


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Thanks! I have a lot of need for functionality like this :slight_smile: my general approach for weaviate & document ingestion is to chunk and embed, and then cross reference to a central node where I store metadata, etc. So I have a lot of requests for cross-reference functionality, like sorting, reranking etc.

Hi! This is indeed not supported as of now.

Can you open a feature request?

This is a really interesting feature, that I believe we can go for.

Thanks for pushing the limits in Weaviate :wink:

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Added an issue:

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