Data storage in weaviate


“Is it feasible to deploy Weaviate via Docker on separate (server) machines while utilizing shared data storage?”

Hi @Mariam ! Welcome to our community :slight_smile:

As long as Weaviate can read and write at the folder defined under PERSISTENCE_DATA_PATH it should work.

If you mean sharing the exact same folder for multiple nodes, this is not advised, as some files will overlap and render some unexpected behaviors.

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:


Hi, @DudaNogueira , thanks for your response : :+1:
I have multiple servers. I want to install Weaviate on each of my servers, but all of them pointing to a single database or a data store. Can you suggest the best posisble way to do this? :thinking:

Hi! Unfortunately I would know this :frowning:

A rule of thumb is to rely this to K8s, as it will better manage those. This would be more of a devops, that I am not proficient at.


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