ECONNREFUSED with nodejs axios and docker deployment of weaviate

Greetings, I am currently attempting to utilize Weaviate via the REST API interface. While I can access Weaviate successfully through both my browser and Postman at , I am encountering difficulties when trying to access it through my node backend app using axios. Specifically, I am receiving a “connection refused” error: connect ECONNREFUSED . To provide some context, I have deployed Weaviate locally through Docker, with the AUTHENTICATION_ANONYMOUS_ACCESS_ENABLED parameter set to true.
If anyone has encountered a similar issue in the past or has any insights to offer, I would greatly appreciate your assistance. Thank you in advance for your help!

Error solved by a community member in slack
Link to message: Slack

node application cannot reach weaviate service deployed as a container in the Docker engine.First of all, how is node running? Is it running inside a container? If that’s so, you shall use ${WEAVIATE_CONTAINER_NAME}:8080 as host and not localhost