Error when creating an object

below is the code I am using to to add objects to a class.

    splitter = RecursiveCharacterTextSplitter(
    splitted_docs_list = splitter.split_documents(encrypted_docs)

    for doc_content in splitted_docs_list:
        doc_object = {
            "content": doc_content.page_content,
            "source": doc_content.metadata['source']

        client.data_object.create(data_object=doc_object, class_name="Data")

Sometimes OpenAI returns an error

WeaviateBaseError("Creating object! Unexpected status code: 500, with response body: {'error': [{'message': 'update vector: unmarshal response body: json: cannot unmarshal number into Go struct field openAIApiError.error.code of type string'}]}.")

What might be causing this error ? Any way to view the error returned by openAI ?

Hi @ananthan-123

That’s strange.

Will it happens with a smaller chunk_size?
What version are you running?

Have you triede with the python client v4? (Altough, this may not be related to the client)

And finally, can you create a complete script that reproduces this with a content you could share?


I tried to run it today and I am not getting the error. I’ll update if it gives error again.

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This smells like openai returning some unmapped error, so Weaviate couldn’t use it as response to your query.

My suggestion is to use pyv4 (it really improves performance, specially for ingestion) and use batch, making sure to properly handle errors, like so: