Escaping special characters (i.e. wildcards) in LIKE operators

Hi. I was wondering how I can find texts with asterisks(*) or question marks(?) in it.

Using the following operator doesn’t seem to work as they act as wildcards.

          path: ["text"],
          operator: Like,

And is there any reference of special characters that require such handling other than asterisks and question marks?

Thanks in advance.

Hi! This is an interesting question :slight_smile:

I will ask internally.

A side note is that, if your tokenization is word(de default one), it should keep only alpha numeric values:

Hi @Jinhyun_Bang - sorry about the late reply. This one slipped through. Currently, the asterisk (*) character cannot be searched for with Like unfortunately.

This would require implementation of a custom tokenizer, which we are evaluating for non-English language use for example (e.g. this thread Chinese tokenization support · Issue #3102 · weaviate/weaviate · GitHub).

Sorry about that. Hopefully we’ll have that available in the future.

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