Filter by GeoCoordinates reduces search quality drastically

If I combine a near_vector or near_text search, I am not getting the results with the smallest distance possible. Even though these objects with the smallest distance are in the location with the exact same coordinates and WithinGeoRange filter. Furthermore the results also change almost completely as soon as I add or edit a data point to the dataset. So I believe it has to do something with the filter cache? Is there a limit on objects in the filter cache or am I missing something? There are about 50000 entries in the database, most of them in the same location (60%) which is also the problematic location.
I am self hosting and I am on the latest version.

Let me know if you need any further information and thank you in advance.

PS: Weaviate is great!

Hi @mlmetzner ! Sorry for the delay here. Missed this one :grimacing:

Were you able to fix this? Can you reproduce this with on a python notebook for example? That would help to bring it to our team.