Generative Search cannot find integer and number type

  "data": {
    "Get": {
      "Material": [
          "_additional": {
            "generate": {
              "error": "Following property has empty value: 'su'. Make sure you spell the property name correctly, verify that the property exists and has a value",
              "singleResult": null
          "a5": 25,
          "bhn": 201,
          "e": 207000,
          "g": 79000,
          "heat_treatment": "as-rolled",
          "material": "Steel SAE 1040",
          "mu": 0.3,
          "ro": 7860,
          "su": 621,
          "sy": "414"

I have tested that only string type can be recognized but the integer and number type will report error “cannot find”. As we can see “su”: 621 can be searched but cannot recognized by generative search.


Interesting. I imagine you have {su} in your prompt, right?

I will create some notebooks on that for reproducing.

Thanks for pointing it out!

Thanks for replay. Yeah I just tested the error will display only my prompt have {su} (aka all number and int type properties)