How to add multiple data objects in a single UUID

I’m trying to add multiple data objects into a single UUID in a specific tenant but its not getting added.
If you can suggest how to encounter the problem or a different approach to do the same.

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This is not possible.

Each object, given a tenant and a class, must have a unique UUID.

if you add an object, providing an UUID, then add a second object providing the same UUID, it will not add (considering you are inserting an object) or will update it (considering a batch import).

You can add different objects, with different UUID and have a “reference id” so you can filter out those objects.

Let me know if this is what you are trying to accomplish and if this clarifies it for you!


Can you provide me documents how to add a reference id and use it with the vector.similaritysearch further pushing it to the llms

A “reference id” I mentioned would be a property that you can add to your class for filtering.

Here more info on adding properties: