How to delete with Filter


Can we delete data using a filter? According to the documentation at — Weaviate Python Client 3.20.2.dev0+gd241333.d20230614 documentation , it seems that we can only delete data by specifying the UUID.

Alternatively, we can apply the filter to retrieve the data using the additional_properties parameter and then delete each entry individually. However, I noticed that there is a limit parameter for the get method (default is 100). Is there a way to retrieve all the documents without using the limit parameter?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, you can delete using filters using our Batch Delete API

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@YasmineMh, we’ve also just published a How-to on Batch deletes!

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Hey, Thanks for your responses!

and we don’t need to adjust the number of objects returned, right? I think it’s 10k by default, not 100 like get function.

Correct, the default value of objects deleted by a single query is 10k.

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