In Weaviate hybrid search, is there a way to control the results based on score?

In Weaviate nearText search, one will be able to control results either using certainty or distance. For example, one can set certainty = 0.75 ensuring that not-so relevant results are not included. So if you have 1K of data then searching for something with a high certainty can give you more relevant and just a subset of 1K data.

Is this possible in Weaviate Hybrid search? I can only see score as part of the output additional information but cannot use it for controlling the results (e.g., a score of > X only) thus with same example above, if I have 1K of data then searching for something will always give me the 1K of data though arranged from most relevant still it gives me the full 1K of data.

Other than using a fixed limit, this isn’t possible in Weaviate at the moment, but check out the Autocut feature proposed by @CShorten:

Autocut is in the works for v1.20, CC @Dirk

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Great to know that there is already a plan for (and existing PR) for this. We will be looking forward to v1.20 then :slight_smile: - thanks @dandv