Is it safe to run the 'text2vec-openai' modules using Azure OpenAI with the current API Version

So i just wondering since i received the same notification with this post from Azure. Since the generative-openai module is still using the “preview” API version, the API needs to get updated. Then, I look up into text2vec-openai modules and it looks like the modules still using the api-version=2022-12-01 version. Can we safely ignore the warning notification and still using this version for text2vec-openai modules?

Hi! As long as Azure/OpenAI supports this api version, it should work.

Note that this module also support different versions:

Let me know if this helps!

Hello thank you for you answers it do helps me.
I looked up into the documentation: Generative Search - OpenAI | Weaviate - Vector Database but it’s look like i don’t find any example source code to config the api version for generative-openai to be exact. If you don’t mind could you give some example how to config it?


Sure! If you are using the python v4 client, it will auto complete, making the developer experience way better than the v3.

Also, we have some nice recipes here that can help you:

here is how you can use the generative module for openai:

collection = client.collections.create(

note that, leaving the mouse over openai for the generative_config will show you all the options you have for that module:

Let me know if that helps!


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