Is there a way to export all vector embeddings?

Hello all,

I am exporting all content and vectors from a class of my Weaviate instance. I found a link (Read all objects | Weaviate - Vector Database) that helps with this and it works well but I have lots of records and it is taking a while.

Does Weaviate offer a feature to export all embeddings and content of a class within its schema as a zip dump or something?

Hi @akim38 ! Welcome to our community :hugs: !

You can use the backup module for that:

For example, configure an S3 bucket, generate the backup, and restore it in different cluster (after configuring the same s3 bucked and using the same backup id).

This will not get your data in a json format, for example. For that, the Cursor API is the way to go.

Hi Duda,

I appreciate the response! Will go ahead and try this. Does this need to be configured prior to creating the Weaviate instance or class?

Hi! It doesnt.

You can change that confoguration before or after the collection creation as this is a server wide configuration.