Is there a way to stack filters for multiple properties?

I am trying to filter results by multiple properties. For instance, I want property A to contain any of List 1, property B to contain any of List 2, and property C to equal “Dummy Value”.

The way to do this is to use the & operation. But this makes the filter static (I can’t dynamically add or remove filter elements). For instance, I want to check from the front end if the user has specified any of the 5 filters which is provided on the UI, and then apply the filters to the associated properties. The & operation does not let me stack filters.

What I would have is a list of filters, and I want to join them with &. I could do this with a string join, but that would not suffice for the task.

Is there a way to stack multiple filters and enforce them in the search dynamically?

you can use Filters.all_of([filter1, filter2, .....]), same with any_of for |