Make chatbot aware of filenames

I know how to filter on some documents using WeaviateWithSearchKwargs(..., search_kwargs=...)
But my chatbot do not “know” the filenames of the documents involved. (i.e., if I ask "what are the document names ? ", the chat doesn’t know.
Is there any way to make the chat “aware” of the filenames <=> vector/chunk links?
Thanks a lot !

Do you have the filenames as part of the schema? If so you could pass the filename property along to your generate.

Hey @Pierre_De_Sainte_Aga - Is this a LangChain class? I can’t help with that as my knowledge is limited, but in general, yeah I agree with @felixthekraut. In the Weaviate generative search you can pass any parameters to the function, which will “show” the filename to the chatbot.