Missing node or shard error

Hi - I have a self-hosted cluster (GCP GKE, 5 nodes, etc) and it’s generating an error repeatedly.

{action: object_search, level: error, msg: failed to check consistency of search results: missing node or shard at index 0}
  1. Is this a problem or just noise? I have some queries that are performing slowly, and I wonder if this is related.
  2. What can I do to ensure the node or shard is recovered or deleted?

Anything I can do to fix?


Hi @jbendotnet !

Welcome to our community :slight_smile:

Can you provide some context?

Did you upgraded recently? Or did it crashed at some point?

I have never seen this error, so I will need to ask internally.


Hi @jbendotnet !!

Good news:

Thanks for reporting this issue here!