Monitoring self hosted Weaviate with Uptime Kuma

I have setup a nice and simple solution for the monitoring of my self hosted weaviate instance running in a container with docker compose, using Uptime Kuma which also runs in its container on the same host under the same docker daemon.

Just make sure that both share a common network so within Kuma you can use the service name.

Here is the result:

If Weaviate stops being ready I am getting a Telegram notification via a custom dedicated bot.

I am using a simple http GET http://weaviate:8080/v1/.well-known/ready to ascertain weaviate’ health.

You can read about Uptime Kuma here GitHub - louislam/uptime-kuma: A fancy self-hosted monitoring tool

As you can see it has many diifferent tools to fetch health status, including dedicated ones for MongoDB, Redis etc.

Hope this is useful to other people.

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thanks for sharing @rjalex !

Another cool endpoint that can be monitored and give valuable information on your cluster health is:


it will give your a shard listing, For example.

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Very useful. Thanks a lot.

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