Need info on weaviate connectivity with open ai

I have a query regarding the calls to open AI are triggered from inside the weaviate DB or are triggered from the weaviate client only.

My reason for asking is I am deploying weaviate behind the company firewall do I need to whitelist the route from weaviate DB as well or client is enough?

As I am seeing openai timeout errors in client.query

Hi @bedirachit ! Welcome to our community :hugs:

Those are triggered by Weaviate at the server level.

So yes, if you deploy Weaviate server under a corporate firewall, you’ll need to make sure you can connecto to OpenAI from the server.

You can eventually see OpenAI (or any other inference model) at your client because Weaviate will pass those responses from that API to your client.

Let me know if that helps :slight_smile: