No chunks available

Hi community,

I run verba start with my WEAVIATE_API_KEY_VERBA and WEAVIATE_URL_VERBA , I always that is error WebSocket connection closed by client. in my serve in front end. I got error as below screenshot:However, I change the WEAVIATE_API_KEY_VERBA and WEAVIATE_URL_VERBA to my friends’ endpoint and key. the error will gone.

The server log:
INFO: connection closed
:heavy_check_mark: Config Saved in Weaviate
:information_source: Setting READER to BasicReader
:information_source: Setting CHUNKER to TokenChunker
:information_source: Setting EMBEDDER to OllamaEmbedder
:information_source: Setting RETRIEVER to WindowRetriever
:information_source: Setting GENERATOR to Ollama
INFO: - “POST /api/set_config HTTP/1.1” 200 OK
INFO: (‘’, 60670) - “WebSocket /ws/generate_stream” [accepted]
INFO: connection open
INFO: - “POST /api/suggestions HTTP/1.1” 200 OK
INFO: - “POST /api/suggestions HTTP/1.1” 200 OK
INFO: - “POST /api/suggestions HTTP/1.1” 200 OK
:heavy_check_mark: Received query: qho
:information_source: Retrieved Context of 0 tokens
:heavy_check_mark: Succesfully processed query: qho in 0.14s
INFO: - “POST /api/query HTTP/1.1” 200 OK
^CINFO: Shutting down
:warning: WebSocket connection closed by client.
INFO: connection closed
INFO: Waiting for application shutdown.
INFO: Application shutdown complete.
INFO: Finished server process [27847]
INFO: Stopping reloader process [27812]
➜ Verba git:(main) ✗ verba start
Does anyone know the reason? Thank you so much

hi @Decheng_Xu !! Welcome to our community! :hugs:

Can you see the objects in Weaviate after the ingestion?

Also, where are you running this? Can you see any outstanding logs on Weaviate server?


Hi DudaNogueira, Nice to meet you. I fixed this issue after I uploaded the doucments via the UI. I guess If we specified the vector database in .env config, and you did not uploaded files, it will give you an error, no chunks available.

BTW, I written a script to allow users batch upload the files, instead of one by one. Do you think it is useful to verba community? @DudaNogueira

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hi @Decheng_Xu ! Sure thing!

There used to have an import command, but it was removed at some point:

it would be interesting to have that command back :heart_eyes:

Feel free to open the issue on the repo and discuss it from there and sending a PR too.

Let me know if you need help.