Not able to perform nested search query

Hi Team,
My data looks something like below:

"article_id": "122",
"product": ["all"],
"annotations": [
                "label": "08",
                "type": "error-code"
                "label": "37",
                "type": "error-code"

I am using below where filter:

{'operator': 'And', 'operands': [{'path': ['product'], 'operator': 'ContainsAny', 'valueTextArray': ['all']}, {'path': ['annotations', 'type'], 'operator': 'ContainsAny', 'valueTextArray': ['error-code']}]}

And I am getting below error:

{'data': {'Get': {'Class_name': None}}, 'errors': [{'locations': [{'column': 6, 'line': 1}], 'message': "could not extract filters: invalid where filter: operand 1: invalid where filter: missing an argument after 'type'", 'path': ['Get', 'Class_name']}]}

How should I build a query?
I am using Weaviate 1.21.0 image and python weaviate-client 3.25.3.

Thanks in advance.


Nested object filtering is not supported as of now.

Check here for more information on that: