Out of space during backup

I attempted to backup to mounted storage and ran out of room on my main filesystem which contains weaviate. I don’t know how to free up that space to walk it back… any ideas of commands or folders that I can look through to help free up some space to make the server useable?

Also why would my main drive fill up if I was trying to backup to a larger mounted drive? mounted drive for weaviate is different then the mounted drive for backup btw… I was hoping that I could move mount to a new server instead of backup but I want to make sure I have a backup.

version: '3.4'
    - --host
    - --port
    - '8080'
    - --scheme
    - http
    image: semitechnologies/weaviate:1.20.3
    - 8080:8080
    restart: unless-stopped
      - /mnt/data-storage/weaviate:/var/lib/weaviate
            - capabilities: [gpu]
      TRANSFORMERS_INFERENCE_API: 'http://t2v-transformers:8080'
      SPELLCHECK_INFERENCE_API: 'http://text-spellcheck:8080'
      PERSISTENCE_DATA_PATH: '/var/lib/weaviate'
      DEFAULT_VECTORIZER_MODULE: 'text2vec-transformers'
      BACKUP_FILESYSTEM_PATH: '/mnt/blockstorage'
      ENABLE_MODULES: 'backup-filesystem,text2vec-transformers,text-spellcheck'
      CLUSTER_HOSTNAME: 'node1'
      LOG_LEVEL: 'debug'

Oh gosh - it seems I forgot that docker doesn’t have access to outside space unless you use “volumes”… is there a way to clear the backup data that is taking up space on server? For some reason docker down and up doesn’t get me back any space as far as I can tell.


You can run a command that will remove all the contents you specified in BACKUP_FILESYSTEM_PATH:

docker compose exec weaviate sh -c "rm -rf /mnt/blockstorage/*"

NOTE: this command will remove everything you have in /mnt/blockstorage

You can also get a shell inside the container by running:

docker compose exec weaviate sh

let me know if that helps :slight_smile:

Oh thank you so much! That made sense, haven’t used docker to this extent before - my server was locked up due to no free space so everything was tricky. Thank you!

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