Panic: index out of range [-1] runtime errors in log

Hello again,

We’re running Weaviate 1.22.3 with a few thousand test records of type Page3.

In the weaviate logs we see recurring error:

{"action":"cyclemanager","callback_id":"segmentgroup/compaction//var/lib/weaviate/page3_2bb2c745-1864-43f5-9e2b-81dd305bc14f_lsm/property_article_type_searchable","callbacks_id":"store/compaction/..","class":"Page3","index":"page3","level":"error","msg":"callback panic: runtime error: index out of range [-1]","shard":"2bb2c745-1864-43f5-9e2b-81dd305bc14f","time":"2023-12-13T00:25:25Z"}

It repeats sometimes in less than a minute, other times it’s more like a few minutes but it fills majority of our logs and it’s been running like that for days. What can cause the error and does it impact operations of the DB?

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Hi @kokogrr ! Sorry for the delay here.

Can you change the LOG LEVEL (doc here) to trace? and try to get more info?

Is this a single node environment?

It seems some issue in a compaction cycle for this shard, maybe because of a corrupted index.

Can you reproduce this consistently? Have you tried newer versions? Eg. the new version 1.23?

Hi Duda,

thanks for suggestions, this is a single instance working on Docker with pretty standard docker-compose taken from weaviate generator and a few modified env vars like disk space threshold . I wouldn’t say I can reproduce it as in have minimal repro setup but It happens consistently across container rebuilds both on local machine and DigitalOcean droplet. I’ll try with higher log level.

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I’m getting the same problem. Have you found out why?

We have seen this kind of issue being fixed in Weaviate 1.24+

I will mark this topic as solved, but please, don’t hesitate to open a new topic if this issue surface again.