Performance wise suggestion

I have a collection with one vectorized property (called ‘prose’) and an handful of other text properties that are not. I am using it through the V4 python client.

80% of the times the end user will search through the collection with a “simple” hybrid query on the ‘prose’ property and the results will come back in the 200-300ms range. Thanks Weaviate :slight_smile:

In the remaining 20% of the times the end user will also add one or more other constraints such as a “within date X and Y” (which would filter on the isoEditionDate property with strings such as YYYY-MM-DD) and/or “this category” (which would filter matching the values of the category text property).

Is there much performance penalty if I always add these filters to the hybrid query even if they are empty or is it better to have a simple hybrid triggered when the filter fields are empty and with to an hybrid + filters when any of them are present?

I am particularly worried about the potential “author” field since it would request a partial match filter (eg Filter.by_property(“author”).like(“Cooper”)).

Thanks for any suggestion.