Possible bug when query object by uuid

A strange bug(or my mistake) in 4.4b8 with weaviate 1.23.3(1.23.6 still the same)

uuid = "b4c4b93e-10ef-5098-b525-cd2bd29f1870"
result1 = client.collections.get("FileData").query.fetch_objects(
print("fetch_objects:", result1)

result2 = client.collections.get("FileData").query.fetch_object_by_id(
print("fetch_object_by_id:", result2)

I think the two approch should have the same result but it turned out not.

the result is

fetch_objects: QueryReturn(objects=[Object(uuid=_WeaviateUUIDInt(‘b4c4b93e-10ef-5098-b525-cd2bd29f1870’), metadata=MetadataReturn(creation_time=None, last_update_time=None, distance=None, certainty=None, score=None, explain_score=None, is_consistent=None, rerank_score=None), properties={‘hash’: ‘file_hash_0’, ‘status’: 0}, references=None, vector=None, collection=‘FileData’)])

fetch_object_by_id: None

I don’t know why fetch_object_by_id can’t get the objects

After some digging I find under the hood fetch_object_by_id also uses filters=Filter.by_id().equal(uuid) to filter the object but the only differernce is it add a limit=1 parameter.It turns out the limit=1 somehow make it not get the object.
I tried

result1 = client.collections.get("FileData").query.fetch_objects(

Could you create a minimal example or provide a backup of your class (in private on slack is also ok) - I don’t see how this could happen. Only explanation would be that you trigger some weaviate bug that we do not hit.

the fetch_XXX functions are used hundreds of times in our test suite and I have never seen an error like this

I am not sure If I can recreate this situation.

I have wiped the old data and it seems haven’t happend again yet.

I think it is not related to client side.