PV sizing problem in k8s environment where PV resizing is not possible

Hello. Team.

I constructed weaviate with helm chart in isolated k8s cluster.
Unfortunately, the k8s cluster I use does not support PV resizing.
In this case, how should I decide the PV capacity?
The default value of Helm chart is 32G,
should I create it from the beginning with the maximum storage size?

Thank you.

Hi @Rio !

That can bite you back you on the long run.

if you allocate some disk space, and grow beyond it, requiring more disk than initially allocated, you will need to backup and restore on a bigger disk sized cluster.

Note that this is on yours k8s issue lack of PV resizing. So a pv resizing can really help you here.
For Weaviate, as long as it has disk space, it will keep writing.

in 1.25+ we are introducing some ground base features that will allow, for example dynamic sharding. With that, you will be able to spin a new node with 100G, and drain the initial 32G node.

Check here our roadmap for more info on that:

There are a lot of factors that can influentiate on the size of disk size used by Weaviate, so you’ll need to add some similar dataset and estimate based on that.

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:


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