[Question] Merging multiple index's into a new one

thanks for great work,
i am trying to write a python code that can merge multiple index’s into a new one using weavite v4 api.
The merged index’s are already vectorized i only need to merge them into a new index along with there vectors.

can you please help me on how to do that?

Thanks in advance for help

hi @Ghattas_Salloum !!

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You need to copy over two collections into one?

If that’s the case, you can probably use our migration guide as a starting point:

Let me know if this is your objective and if this helps you.


Thanks for reply,

the problem i am having is when doing migration it is revectorizing the data again even though it has been already vectorized

and i couldn’t find a way around it so i decided not to vectorize the data at the beginning but do that when i migrate

any thanks for help


If your target collection has a vectorizer properly configured, and you do not provide the vectors, Weaviate will trigger the vectorization of that objects.

To avoid that, you can provide the vector for that object. This is what we call bring your own vectors

Check here for more on that:

Let me know if you need assistance on that!