RAG App from Scratch: Verba 0.3.0

I watched your video - RAG App from Scratch: Verba 0.3.0

Are you guys planning for verba to ever be an enterprise-grade product?

Or is it more just a quick try-it-fast RAG app to get people excited about Weaviate?

I’m finding very few turnkey RAG apps available and Verba could be a big player here. But here’s what I think it would need (if helpful):

  1. Tenancy model - like some oppinionated way to add access control to the data.
  2. Helm chart (I know that weaviate has this) but would be cool to deploy verba into a cluster with lots of knobs turned on.
  3. More detailed information on performance and turning
  4. Crawlers - how can I ingest an entire corpus of s3 docs. Can verba do the ETL of a product like unstructured (or use it as a plugin) so that I’m not building my own preprocessing pipeline.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback on this.


hi @myriam.lachouch ! Welcome to our community :hugs:

As of now, Verba is a demo on how to use Weaviate to do RAG.

But of course, as it is so cool, I also would love it to have more features and bring more value.

I believe it would be worth registering that in Verba GH GitHub - weaviate/Verba: Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) chatbot powered by Weaviate


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