Read Timeout for Class with large count of docs

Hi @jphwang, @YasmineMh,

I have 7 million docs in my Weaviate Class. When I call the “with_near_vector” function, it throws a read timeout error even after setting the timeout as 600 secs.
I have another Class with 6.6 million docs. It gives results in milliseconds or seconds.
I am using Weaviate version 1.18.0 and Python client library version 3.21.0.
Your help here is appreciated.


Hi @Iammsd07 - sorry about the late reply, I’ve been away on vacation.

Are you still seeing this problem? Does this class have the same problem with other queries, like with_near_text or with a keyword search (with_bm25)?

Are there any differences between the two classes? For example, are they using the same vectorizer model? Are they running on the same instance?