Resource limit values

Hi Team.

When configuring a Weaviate cluster for performance improvement, it is believed that the appropriate shard should be expanded.
In this case, I’d like to know if there are any limitations on setting limits per pod?
I would like to know the maximum or appropriate limit values that one Pod can use for the next items.

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • PV size

Thank you.


This will depend on the machine you have available.

As long as it supports more memory and more CPU, Weaviate will use it.

So the limit here is more on the machine/hardware side, not on Weaviate.

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Hi @DudaNogueira

As you suggested, I will not set the CPU and memory limits when creating Weaviate with Helm Chart. In the case of PV, the default is set to 32Gi, which is appropriate in most cases? If the initially planned space is insufficient, how should it be expanded?

  1. Create additional replicas
  2. Expand PV space

Which method would you recommend more?

Thank you.

hi @Rio !

You can just increase the PV for that cluster. If using our oficial helm, just changing the corresponding parameter in values.yaml

Let me know if this help!

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