Schema Sync Error

{“action”:“startup”,“error”:“could not load or initialize schema: sync schema with other nodes in the cluster: corrupt cluster: other nodes have consensus on schema, but local node has a different (non-null) schema: class models mismatch: class count mismatch: 12!=0”,

Hi Team, I am facing this issue how to resolve it

Hi! Were you able to solve this?

I have never faced it myself, and asked internally for some guidance. As soon as I get a feedback I will post it here.


Hi , I cant solve this problem, does locally remove the files of that particular classes
will helpful and not cause any other issue ?
I need a proper solution for that.

Hi , I am using the env variable CLUSTER_SKIP_SCHEMA_REPAIR set to false, but still facing the above issue. does the above variable is correct or any other issue?
please provide me a correct solution.