Searching across multiple tenancies

Raptor (RAPTOR: Recursive Abstractive Processing for Tree-Organized Retrieval) has been getting a lot of attention this month. I think this is a very interesting idea and I’m in the process of implementing it.

I have a very hierarchical data set with 4 levels, The top level applies to all clients, the second and third levels applies to groups of clients and the 4th level is the client. I have everything broken into individual tenants (i.e. the root tenant that applies to everyone, then group tenants for the second and third levels) and then each client gets a tenant.

In order to implement the idea presented in that paper, I need to perform a vector search across multiple tenants (i.e. the client, and the three levels above them). I can do this with 4 searches and then combine them but that is a lot of overhead.

Is it currently possible to search across tenants? If not, how much work would it be to implement such a request?

thank you

Hi @flash !

This is not possible, however, it is in our roadmap:

under this feature request:

PLease, leave a thumbs up and comments there so we can understand it’s popularity.