Seeking Insights: Weaviate pricing structure

We are currently working on an AI-based project where we aim to integrate vector search functionality. As part of our project, we are considering using Weaviate as our vector database solution. However, we need detailed information about the pricing structure to evaluate its feasibility for our project.

In our project setup, we utilize an OpenAI model to convert user queries into vectors. These vectors are then used for semantic search to find the best results. Therefore, our primary concern is understanding the pricing structure of Weaviate for both computing and storage resources.

We would appreciate any insights or guidance regarding the pricing model, particularly in terms of scalability, usage limits, and any potential hidden fees. Our goal is to ensure that the chosen solution aligns with the requirements of our AI-based project while remaining cost-effective.

Thank you for assistance us.

Hi there!

For detailed pricing, please email and we can assist to the level of detail you need for your use case.

Not getting reply from sales team.

Hi, I can help. You can reach me, at I lead our Sales team, Iā€™m sorry you have not gotten a response, we had a bug in our email routing.

Ben Sabrin


can you please provide

hi @Hritik_Pandey ! Were you able to get the return you were looking for?