Should I use vector database for something like this? If so, how?

For each user, I want to store a key value pair that is {location: (x,y,z)}. I want the key to be easy to query. Example: {“kitchen”: (1.5, -1.2, -10.0)}. If the user queries “cooking place” then it should return (1.5, -1.2, -10.0). Should I use a vector db for something like this? If so, how can I store it into a relational manner so that each user can have several key value pairs containing location and coordinate? Thanks in advance!

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You can for sure use a vector db for that :slight_smile:

You can have a second property, called user, for example. You will then filter only the objects that are from that user based on that property.

Alternativelly (and this will depend on your business logic), you can have each user as a tenant. This is helpful, as you can enable or disable a tenant as they login into your system, for example.

Check here for a nice talk on that subject from our CTO:

and here for docs:

or here for a recipe on multi tenant:

Let me know if that helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you! That’s very helpful :slight_smile: