Startup Error Permission denied on schema.db

{“action”:“startup”,“error”:“init bolt_db: open "/var/lib/weaviate/schema.db": open /var/lib/weaviate/schema.db: permission denied”,“level”:“fatal”,“msg”:“could not initialize schema repo”,“time”:“2023-11-06T10:03:59Z”}

Hi Team, I am facing the above issue at startup. I tried manual backup by copying all the files inside the volume like schema.db,,classess files etc and paste it in the new machine. When I tried to startup the instance it show the above error. if I remove schema.db,classification.db ,migration1.filter3 search file and again start then started successfully, But Can’t get the backup data. Kindly help on this

Hi @Dharanish!

Looks like weaviate doesn’t have access to schema.db

How are you running Weaviate?

This is the best way to backup/restore your Weaviate instance:

my weaviate is running. good, I have to do backup to other cluster so i tried file system backup , It shows the above error.