Text2vec-openai Batch API


I have been using Weaviate free 14 day cluster and am trying to use OpenAI embeddings and store in a Weaviate collection. OpenAI’s website mentions about having a Batch API where there are higher rate-limits and the resulting embeddings are ready after 24 hours (at a 50% cost of the original real-time vector generation which is right now 3 requests per minute)

Is there a way to configure the Weaviate vectorizer using the same OpenAI batch API?
More details are here
Batch - OpenAI API

Server Setup Information

  • Client Language and Version: Python
  • Multitenancy: No

hi @SmitNGRA ! Welcome to our community :hugs:

AFAIK, we do not have this implemented. Yet.

I have found this Github issue that is related:

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