The docker version of weaviate does not provide a GUI and is only accessed through the client tool?


The weaviate cloud provides a GUI, or console, but the docker version does not appear to have one. Is there no web access in the weaviate docker, but only through the client library?

Server Setup Information

  • Weaviate Server Version: 1.25.5
  • Deployment Method: docker
  • Multi Node? Number of Running Nodes: No
  • Client Language and Version:Python3.9
  • Multitenancy?: No

Any additional Information


hi @lynkd !! Welcome to our community :hugs:

That’s right. The docker compose will spin up only the server.

You can add your localhost Weaviate server as an external cluster in our console, and you will be able to run graphql queries from the console. Note: this is your browser connecting directly to your localhost server, so no need to expose your local docker Weaviate instance.

here is a doc for this:

You can also connect using graphql in any other graphql client.

However, the best way to query and ingest data, is using the latest clients, specifically the ones that already support GRPC (python v4, js/typescript v3, go client, etc).

Let me know if this helps!


Sorry for the late reply! Thanks for taking the time to answer my post. I will refer to your answer.


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