Using a custom embedder in Weaviate's Verba


Hello, I’m posting here because I still haven’t received a reply in the issue I’ve raised in the official Verba repository regarding this same matter.

I would like to use a custom embedding model hosted via the HuggingFace library other than the ones already available via the Verba interface (Mini-LM, Ada Embedder, and Cohere Embedder), but I can’t seem to find a way to do that.
I tried connecting a Weaviate cluster but I don’t know how I can add custom embedders to it as well.

I have the same inquiry about LLMs available via the HuggingFace interface and the possibility of using other ones in Verba other than LLAMA.

Could you please provide me with some guidance regarding this matter? I’d be most thankful!

Thank you in advance.

Hi @isrouush_04 ! Welcome to our community :slight_smile:

Verba does only provide a few options as an example. For using other embeddings options, it would need to create this option in Verba. You can use one of the current embed components, like:

Let me know if this helps!