Using v3 objects in V4 client

Hi team, It looks like in V4 client, v3 client objects are still present. Can we use v3 objects without any issues ?
client version 4.4.4

Hi @Dharanish !

Not sure I understood it correctly. Let me know if this answers:

You can install the python package for weaviate client:

pip install -U weaviate-client

As I write, it will install the 4.5.3 version.

You can start both python v3 and python v4 clients.

python v4 client:

import weaviate
client = weaviate.connect_to_local()

Now, in that very same package, we are keeping the v3 version, so you can use that too:

python v3 client

clientv3 = weaviate.Client("http://localhost:8080")

That way you can upgrade this safely, without breaking any previous code of yours, and have enough time to migrate to pyv4.

We strongly suggest migrating to our new python v4 client, as it leverages GRPC and brings a lot of new improvements.

Note: pyv4 client will only work with 1.23.7+


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Thank you , this is I need