/v1/modules/text2vec-contextionary/extensions-storage - context-deadline-exceeded

Hello, I am new to weaviate community.
I am trying to setup/configure weaviate and text2vec-contextionary on OpenShift. When I deployed contextionary , it is failing with below logs:
http:////v1/modules/text2vec-contextionary/extensions-storage - context-deadline-exceeded
It keeps repeating itself and after a while the message changes to:
action: extensions_retrive_all error: expected status \u003c 399, got 503

The above two messages keep getting posted alternatively.

In weaviate configMap, I added contextionary URL and weaviate is unable to complete startup_check_contextionary.
action: startup errror init module text2vec-contextionary validate remote api.

I am using the latest weaviate image from docker hub.

I would appreciate if you could help me to troubleshoot this issue.


hi @pon_raj !!
Welcome to our community :hugs:

From the log messages, it seems that the env variable CONTEXTIONARY_URL is not configured.

Can you check if this environment variable is defined?


Thank You.
I made couple of mistakes.

  1. I set the contextionary_url in weaviate-configmap as:

  2. I was also using contextionary openshift route as .

Changes made to work:

  1. I have CONTEXTIONARY_URL set in weaviate statefulset yaml itself as env variable.
  2. Instead of openshift route, I have used service discovery ..svc.cluster.local:9999 (without http).

It is working now.

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Thanks for sharing, @pon_raj !!