Weaviate ChatGPT Plugin Still Working?

Playing with the Weaviate ChatGPT Plugin Guide as a Weaviate noob, and have a bunch of questions.

  1. Do sandboxes have logs? How would I access? What exactly is in the Docker image used in the tests? I see some logs in that container, though nothing corresponding to my test failures (see attached log)

  2. Trying to get the server going locally against a public access sandbox. If I do, rebuild dev container, poetry shell, make test, I get a few things ( see here)

  3. upsert-ing seems to work, can see via GraphiQL and from total object count on sandbox info (sandbox-ty1t8yec).

  4. tests/server/test_database.py:13: AssertionError because instead of “creating schema” I see, “schema already exists, skipping”.

  5. test_upsert and test_delete fail because weaviate_client.data_object.get seems to silently fail?

  6. Might be some fundamental ops thing I’m doing wrong here. Thoughts?

  7. I don’t actually see off-hand how the auth flow would work. Blog implies the code should work as is with an auth-enabled machine after deploying to Fly io, but the client doesn’t seem to be instantiated with auth. Running with Fly io I get auth errors, as I’d expect, so wondering: Was the auth enabled flow possibly never actually implemented?

hi @nikolay ! Welcome to our community :hugs:

Just for clarity, this is the repo you have been following, right?

I have not played with this :grimacing:

  1. The sandbox offered in our WCS do have logs, but they are not exposed in a way you could access them :frowning:

  2. Not sure what is going on here :thinking: What do you mean a public access sandbox? It is a sandbox in WCS that you disabled authentication?

  3. ok…

  4. Can this be because of multiple runs?

  5. Not sure

  6. If you want to run everything locally, it would be interesting to run both the python app and Weaviate along a docker-compose

  7. Indeed, the client is defined here, But the defined token is only used here: Code search results · GitHub

It’s good to note that this code is fairly old now, and a lot has changed :grimacing:

I would recommend this recipe repository with updated content:

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