Weaviate Cloud Service - public beta launch

Last November, we quietly introduced the private beta of the Weaviate Cloud Service, a fully managed vector database as a service. Today we are announcing a big upgrade to the Weaviate Cloud and availability of the public beta release of the service.​

The Weaviate Cloud enables AI application developers to use the Weaviate as a fully managed cloud service. It’s the easiest way to get a vector database cluster up and running within minutes so you can get right to loading, vectorizing, and searching your data.​

The Weaviate Cloud is in public beta. General Availability is planned for release later in 2023, after we’ve addressed feedback from public beta users.​I f you’d like to try Weaviate Cloud, you can create a free Weaviate Cloud Sandbox here.

If you have questions or feedback, please reply in this thread!

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