Weaviate Docker Container not working on EC2 instance

Hi everyone,
I am working on weaviate docker container which was deployed on EC2 instance. It was running until now, But suddenly I am not able to access weaviate docker container using port 8080. So, I checked EC2 logs but no error. After that I access EC2 instance to check the docker container status but docker container is running fine and also checked logs of weaviate container but no error has been found, So please anyone help me out with this ?

hi @Vishal_Chaudhary ! Welcome to our community :slight_smile:

if you run:

netstat -tanu | grep 8080

can you see the port marked as “listening”?

Also, try restarting your weaviate instance with:
docker compose restart weaviate (assuming your service is named weaviate)

and keep a look on that log output:

docker compose logs -f --tail 100

if you see something like:

{"action":"restapi_management","level":"info","msg":"Serving weaviate at http://[::]:8080","time":"2023-08-07T19:15:02Z"}

It’s probably safe to assume that this is something “up”, maybe a security policy configuration in Amazon’s EC2 or at your Linux server, like a firewall/ufw.

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile: