Weaviate on Cloudflare Workers

Hey, has anyone experience in running Weaviate JS/TS client on Cloudflare Workers? As I understand, V2 should be able to run in a workers environment as V2 was built for browsers, but would be good if anyone could confirm?

Second question: will support for JS/TS Client V2 be dropped any time? I saw V3 is already a RC.

Best, Giorgio

hi @giorgiogross !

I don’t know about running on Cloudflare. But if it can run a python or node code, it should work :thinking:

We should keep versions of both mentioned clients supported for a while, but eventually we will freeze them, meaning that new features will not be added and bugs not fixed :grimacing:

Yeah the Cloudflare Workers runtime relies on web platform APIs, but they have a nodejs compatibility mode. Sometimes a node package doesn’t work there though.

For reference: Runtime APIs · Cloudflare Workers docs

I was hoping to shortcut here in case you already have seen the Weaviate client run in CF, but I’ll then simply to test it out and do some more research. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Oh, that would be an interesting thing to try.

We would love to learn about your findings. Keep us posted :slight_smile: