Weaviate Post still using api-version=2022-12-01 even though the version has been retired


I am quite new to using weaviate but have enjoyed it well.
Yesterday all of my embedding queries stopped working for my application as weaviate continues to try to connect to https://{resource}.openai.azure.com/openai/deployments/{deployment-id}/embeddings?api-version=2022-12-01.

As of my understanding since yesterday 2.4.2024 that version has been retired.
I read here that weaviate should try another version automatically. But clearly it does not so for me as it still uses 2022-12-01.
I am using V4 and weaviate-client 4.5.4

Also trying to add new objects and i get this: Unexpected status code: 500 … server misbehaving.

Thank you!

Hi @Val0Pas,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention :pray:

We started working on a fix for this. We will release it in our next patch release version.

We will add response here when this is ready.

@Val0Pas We have released Weaviate v1.24.7 release which resolves your issue :slight_smile:

Please upgrade to this version and all should be working fine now.